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Specialty Foods was born in 2009 when founder, Randall "Randy" Sanders, saw a tremendous gap in the bread industry: a top-quality product that was baked with fine ingredients and had the true look, feel and taste as if straight out of your mama’s kitchen.

With a vision to provide excellent-quality brands to food service, Randy knew he wanted Specialty Foods to be an industry leader in taste, quality and values.

Joined by his two sons, Wesley and Will, the three Sanders men and their loyal team have pioneered and perfected three incredible product lines:

Mama Turney’s Pies | Ginny’s Waffles | Ma’s Kitchen

Our products are made with the freshest ingredients.

This certainly sets us apart from other products on the market.

Our customers love and appreciate the level of quality in each of our brands, as quality is one aspect we will never compromise on.

Consistency is one of the main pillars of our business, so it is extremely important to us that every single bite, every single time, is perfection.

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